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Tan Solutions Beds

10 Minute Genesis:

This bed has a 10 minute maximum exposure time that is equivalent to a normal 20 minute exposure time. The lamps in this bed are very strong allowing it to be only a 10 minute session. There are 32 body lamps and 11 facial lamps integrated into the canopy. This bed uses very strong reddening lamps to push fast color. Exposure times should only be moved a minute at a time. Tanners just starting out should start at 5 minutes in this bed. These beds are currently for sale. Call the salon to inquire.  

 The Sundash II:

This bed is very similar to the 10 Minute Genesis. It has 32 body lamps and 1 facial tanner centered in the canopy. The facial tanner in this bed can be turned on or off depending on the tanners preference. It has reddening lamps that help to push dark color. The maximum exposure time in this bed is 15 minutes. Tanners just beginning should start out at 7 minutes in this bed.


This is a 12 minute bronzing bed. This bed is great for people who tend to burn easily or lose color quickly. It has 36 body lamps and 3 facial tanners. This bed is equipped with built in radio/CD player. There are fans all throughout the base of the bed and also at the foot providing a cooler tanning session. The facials in this bed can be turned off. Tanners just starting out should start at 6 minutes in this bed.

Radius Stand up 252:

This bed has 52 very strong UVB lamps that provide tanning coverage of 360 degrees. This bed is very powerful and exposure times need to start out very small. Maximum exposure time in this bed is 12 minutes. This is a bed that is comparable to laying out on a beach. It is very strong, but guaranteed to give you the color you want. Pressure points and tan lines are not a problem in this bed!

The Flirt

This bed is a lot like the Radius Stand up but in a lay down version. It too has very strong reddening lamps, but it also has a bronzing hold to it. The maximum exposure time in this bed is 15 minutes. It has a total of 3 high pressure facial tanners that can be either turned on or off. This is a great bed to push color or to get both types of tanning rays in one 15 minute session.

Turbo 880:

This bed contains 51 body lamps, 4 high pressure facial tanners, and is equipped with a voice guide, controlled fans, and air conditioning. This bed also has a contour in the base of the bed to minimize the appearance pressure points. The facials and fans in this bed are able to be turned up or down depending on the tanners preference. There is a slim chance of burning in this bronzing bed although it is possible and it has a 12 minute maximum exposure time.

*Remember the best way to get a tan is to prevent burning, using an accelerator, and by switching up the types of beds you use.*